Curtain closing on cursive writing

The written word is dying. Like dodo birds and dinosaurs, handwriting is facing extinction. Approximately 46 states have adopted the new Common Core Standards, a set of educational guidelines that do not require cursive writing as part of the school curriculum. Many school districts around the country are already starting to phase out handwriting courses. […]

College Daze: Is Higher Education Worth The Cost?

Is it worth going to college? The answer used to be an unequivocal “yes” — college grads got better jobs and better pay than non-graduates. But the job market is different today. The cost of getting an education has risen dramatically, while the job market has shrunk. Many young graduates find themselves with thousands — […]

College safe zones degrade higher learning

Colleges and universities were once hotbeds of creative ideas and free expression. Students used to question abuse, question authority. Today, students request “safe zones” so they can protest “offensive” Halloween costumes, and insensitive emails. St. Louis University is one of several institutions of higher learning where designated safe spaces are a perceived necessity among minority […]

Wimpy School Closings A Sign Of The Times

Both of my kids had a delayed opening today due to two inches of slush. Wimpy! This was first published in June 2008 ,but it works just as well in March 2013. My cell phone rang just after 9:30 on Sunday night, as I was putting my son to bed. It was an automated message […]

5 Things They Should Teach In High School

My last column was about the demise of cursive writing, how many school districts are phasing out longhand in favor of teaching kids how to type on keyboards. I’ll begrudging admit it makes sense – everybody needs to know computer basics these days. But it got me thinking about other changes that are needed in […]