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Alone by Briane Keene

Alone by Brian Keene
$2.99 Ebook

Brian Keene’s novella Alone reads like a long lost Twilight Zone episode. You can almost hear Rod Serling’s narration; “Submitted for your approval, Mr. Dan Miller, who wakes up one day and finds that everyone he knows and loves–in fact, everyone on earth–has disappeared…” Keene gets this strange tale up and running quickly, and continues the weird Zone-vibe throughout (including a requisite “twist” ending). Yeah, the twist is more of a big, loping curveball that’s easy to see coming, and the minimal cast doesn’t leave much room for character development. But the joy of a Keene story is his sugary style and natural skill as a storyteller. Alone is a fast-paced, engaging tale, that jumps up and slaps you in the face before you can notice its shortcomings.

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