Autism Dad 2—Continuing Adventures in Autism, Adolescence & Fatherhood

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The adventures of Autism Dad and Boy Rocco continue through the pre-pubescent years (age 8-12), leaping over autism’s ever-changing obstacles, while stumbling through life’s major milestones. Autism Dad and Rocco—along with Precocious Little Sister and Super Mom—tackle everything autism, from diagnosis to family dynamics, with grace and humor.

Inside Autism Dad 2 — ‘Tween Edition you’ll find invaluable information on:

  • The First 7 Steps To Take After Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis
  • The Basics Of Biomedical Intervention
  • Firsthand Accounts Of The Latest Therapies And Treatments
  • Special Needs Education And Recreation
  • Near Death Experiences And Medical Miracles!

Above all, Autism Dad 2—‘Tween Edition is a testament to the healing power of love, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his extraordinary son.

Autism Dad 2—’Tween Edition: Continuing Adventures in Autism, Adolescence, and Fatherhood

* Price: $9.95 trade paperback (160 pages) / $2.99 digital edition
* ISBN-10: 1502486059
* ISBN-13: 978-1502486059

What people are saying about  Autism Dad! 

“It takes a special person to raise an autistic son, and a gifted person to be able to write about it in such a moving, compelling, and often humorous way” — Amazon review

“There are few books on autism written by fathers, and this one is informative, poignant and engaging. I won’t give away the ending – but it is priceless!” — Smashwords review

“A Dad’s perspective on raising an autistic child told in a very insightful and engaging way. A powerful story told with humor and grace.” — Amazon review

“An amazing window that makes you love this family and embrace your own.”  — Goodreads

“A long-time, successful writer, Rob has opened his heart on these pages, and maintained the humor it takes to cope on a daily basis while living a differently-directed life. Autism Dad is a book to share and admire.” — Amazon review

“An awesome compilation of an amazing family and an amazing little boy.” — Amazon review



3 thoughts on “Autism Dad 2—Continuing Adventures in Autism, Adolescence & Fatherhood

  1. I read your editorial last week in the local paper serving Woodland Park.N J.
    Ordered your book as well.
    Wondering if you live in the tri-state area or if you write from afar.
    I’ll explain when I hear back from you.
    I’m beginning an autism experiment/survey that is starting out with some pretty shocking highlights.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

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