Autism Dad: Adventures in Raising An Autistic Son

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Autism is a complex puzzle … but Autism Dad has a clue!  Funny, informative, poignant, and engaging, Autism Dad explores the initial devastation of an autism diagnosis, the autism/vaccine controversy, autism in the media, education, therapy and treatments. Above all, Autism Dad is about living with, raising, and loving a child with autism, told from a father’s perspective.

Autism Dad: Adventures in Raising An Autistic Son

* Price: $9.95 trade paperback (120 pages) / $2.99 digital edition
* ISBN-10: 1466479183
* ISBN-13: 978-1466479180

What people are saying about  Autism Dad! 

“It takes a special person to raise an autistic son, and a gifted person to be able to write about it in such a moving, compelling, and often humorous way” — Amazon review

“There are few books on autism written by fathers, and this one is informative, poignant and engaging. I won’t give away the ending – but it is priceless!” — Smashwords review

“A Dad’s perspective on raising an autistic child told in a very insightful and engaging way. A powerful story told with humor and grace.” — Amazon review

“An amazing window that makes you love this family and embrace your own.”  — Goodreads

“A long-time, successful writer, Rob has opened his heart on these pages, and maintained the humor it takes to cope on a daily basis while living a differently-directed life. Autism Dad is a book to share and admire.” — Amazon review

“An awesome compilation of an amazing family and an amazing little boy.” — Amazon review



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