Black Operations by Tommit Brahm

Black Operations by Tommit Brahm
Black Operations by Tommit Brahm

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Why is there an epidemic of dead Tangerian politicians just before the coming election? The answer is not as obvious as it seems. Shawn Harrison’s mission to brave the foreign interests and local cut-throats in search of the cause will not only lead him to cross paths with a rogue agent from his own department, and track down the most beautiful woman he has ever had the pleasure, but throw him into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse against a brilliant and unrepentant villain capable of extraordinary evil.But Harrison’s thrill-ride adventure is only one of many within this dangerous and bloody election season–one of many characters bringing to light the wide range of life, love and deep horror to be found in the big continent’s “hard-living, free-wheeling, self-proclaimed ‘Golden Domino.'”

One of the newest titles from the Bad Hound Press publications line.

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