Hangman’s Jam — A Symphony of Terror

Hangmans Jam cover

Some songs stick in your head.

Others consume your soul.

A song called “Hangman’s Jam” opens the doorway between dimensions. But what nightmarish monstrosities lurk beyond the threshold, waiting to break on through?

Bar band bassist Bobby Marks rides this strange tune to super stardom, but finds his newfound responsibilities as a husband and father clash with a surreal world of addiction and overdoses, Internet sex scandals, disappearing band members, on-stage deaths, studio poltergeists, and cosmic monsters.

Some songs demand sacrifice, and Hangman’s Jam is a symphony of murder and madness.

Hangman’s Jam is another Palomino Tale from Rob Errera, author of Sensual Nightmares: Tales From The Palomino, Vol. 1.

Hangman’s Jam blends the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft with the equally colorful mythos of rock music. The novel falls into a similar genre as Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box and Gary Braunbeck’s musical fiction, a combination of James Blish’s Black Easter and Nikki Sixx’s autobiography.

Fans of music, mystery, and classic horror will find the unearthly melody of Hangman’s Jam hauntingly familiar.

Hangman’s Jam — A Symphony of Terror

* Price: $12.95 trade paperback (346 pages) / $2.99 digital edition
* ISBN-10: 1468191993
* ISBN-13: 978-1468191998

Praise for Hangman’s Jam!

“This book rocked my world, sublimely and personally. I became completely absorbed it in. A few times I thought I was being ensnared by the Hangman’s Jam. There’s something about it that shines an obscure quality of light, of relevance and truth, onto some of the deeper chambers of the subconscious realm.” — Amazon review

“A gem of a find! Mr. Errera has a knack for exactly what he describes – Lovecraftian style mythos with modern flair.” — Smashwords review

“Cool story, told in a way that most musicians will really appreciate.” — Amazon Review



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