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Hangman's Jam: A Symphony of Terror by Rob Errera.

You know you want a copy of Autism Dad signed by Rob and Rocco. Why not grab personally inscribed editions of Hangman’s Jam and Sensual Nightmares, too? Just PayPal your order to, and include the inscription you would like in the message area. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Signed Edition Price List, February 2013

Autism Dad …. $12

Sensual Nightmares ….  $12

Hangman’s Jam …. $15

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0 thoughts on “Signed Books! Free Shipping!

    1. What! I sent you guys a signed copy before Christmas! I think I sent it to the wrong address, but it never came back. Guess there’s a signed Jam at large somewhere! I have right address now, so I’ll get a signed copy out to you!

  1. Hi Rob! Wow, thanks so much. We must have seemed like ingrates – not thanking you. But you are correct, we never received it. Those bastards who bought our old house must have kept it – too juicy looking to let go of! Anyway, I am close to being done and then I’ll pass it along to Drew – he can’t wait to read it. I hope you and the family are well. Love the blog. Reading the book makes me miss you.

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