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eMysteryBargainssidebarOne of the drawbacks of the ebook revolution is the lack of used bookstores. What was better than searching the shelves for second-hand bargain reads? You could walk out with a big bag of books for twenty bucks. Awesome! eHorrorBargainssidebar

Fortunately, Brian James Freeman has made the hunt for ebook bargains a breeze. Check out these sites daily for free/cheap reads in the horror and mystery generes.



Island Ghosts: A Will Castleton Adventure by David Bain

Island Ghosts: A Will Castleton Adventure by David Bain
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Will Castleton is US Marshall with psychic abilities, and David Bain is the community college English professor who created him. Both seem like interesting characters; Castleton with his sometimes-too-late “visions” of crime victims, and Bain with his ability to carve out a niche for himself in the self-pubbed crime fiction genre. Island Ghosts is a fast, fun Castleton adventure, and certainly a cut above the usual independent author offerings, and an excellent read for a freebie. Island Ghosts doesn’t have the most original characters or concepts, (there’s a ’80s television crime drama vibe running through this story that’s both cheesy and endearing) and the prose gets a bit purple at times, but Bain’s hardboiled style makes it work.