Songs In the Key Of Madness: New Variations On Hangman’s Jam

Songs in the Key of Madness: New Variations on Hangman’s Jam

Hangman’s Jam never dies!

A song crawls through time, shredding holes between the dimensions, and spelling doom to all who fall under its undeniable sway.

Throughout the ages, lovers and losers, the famous and the infamous, have been consumed by the “song with a thousand names.” Chaos, madness, and monsters lurk behind every note and phrase. You’ve heard this tune. You know it by heart, and it knows the dark secrets that lie in yours.


 Songs in the Key of Madness: New Variations on Hangman’s Jam

* Price: $10.99 trade paperback (284 pages) / $2.99 digital edition
* ISBN-10: 1519395299
* ISBN-13: 978-1519395290