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eMysteryBargainssidebarOne of the drawbacks of the ebook revolution is the lack of used bookstores. What was better than searching the shelves for second-hand bargain reads? You could walk out with a big bag of books for twenty bucks. Awesome! eHorrorBargainssidebar

Fortunately, Brian James Freeman has made the hunt for ebook bargains a breeze. Check out these sites daily for free/cheap reads in the horror and mystery generes.



The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman


Author: Brian James Freeman
Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications, 2011
Price: $2.99 ebook (both Epub & Mobi formats included)

A man in a remote locale is driven insane my personal demons, delves into strange artistry, and turns on his family. Oh, and he needs to keep an eye on a potentially explosive boiler too. No, it’s not Stephen King’s The Shining, though Brian James Freeman has a character-driven, flashback-obsessed style similar to King’s. But The Painted Darkness is a more personal tale about child abuse and tragic events buried deep in the soil of the subconscious. Freeman may lose some points for originality, but he gains them back with his crafted style and deft execution.