Tim Meyer’s 69 is a sublime look at the horror of Alzheimer’s disease

Tim Meyer’s 69 is a well-paced, chillingly atmospheric horror novella set in a New Jersey assisted living facility. Amanda is sent to investigate why all of the 69-year-old residents of Sping Lakes have slipped into “living dead” comas, complete with rigor mortis. They’re alive, barely, but possessed by something. The evil baddie of 69 eats memories, and uses your worst ones against you. While cosmic horror is at the root (pun intended ) of the residents’ problems, the underlying terror of 69 is the real-life horror of losing a loved one to the slow mental decline of Alzheimer’s disease. Meyer’s storytelling skills are top-notch.

The Mud Man rises March 27!

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Born of mud. Made for murder.

On November 8, 2016, a “Man of Stone” savagely attacked a quiet law office in rural New Jersey. Ten people were brutally mutilated and murdered, the killer was never caught, and the legend of the Franz Rock Monster was born.
The Mud Man is a fast-paced thriller laced with horror and dark humor. Inspired by Frankenstein, folklore, and media freak-shows; The Mud Man explores what it means to be human, the transformative power of grief, and the fine lines between fact and fiction, man and monster.
Some fathers will do anything for their daughters…even raise the dead.
The Mud Man is available in both paperback and digital editions exclusively at Amazon.

New Short Story Collection! Songs In The Key Of Madness

Songs in the Key of Madness: New Variations on Hangman's Jam
Songs in the Key of Madness: New Variations on Hangman’s Jam

My new collection of rock-n-roll horror stories, Songs In The Key Of Madness: New Variations on Hangman’s Jam, is out! Here’s what it’s about:

Hangman’s Jam never dies! A song crawls through time, shredding holes between the dimensions, and spelling doom to all who fall under its undeniable sway. Throughout the ages, lovers and losers, the famous and the infamous, have been consumed by the “song with a thousand names.” Chaos, madness, and monsters lurk behind every note and phrase. You’ve heard this tune. You know it by heart, and it knows the dark secrets that lie in yours.

Songs In The Key Of Madness: New Variations on Hangman’s Jam is available in both a signed, trade paperback collector’s edition, and as an ebook, with is available for digital download here.

Songs In The Key Of Madness: New Variations on Hangman’s Jam is also available on Amazon, BN.com, the iBookstore, and Smashwords.