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Waltz of Shadows by Joe Lansdale

Author: Joe Lansdale
$6.99 Amazon Kindle Edition

Joe Lansdale is a master storyteller and Waltz of Shadows is no exception. Like many of Lansdale’s novels, this is a tale of family, and the bonds that tie us to one another. It’s also the story of death-defying thrill seekers, cheating husbands, corrupt cops, child pornographers, and a henchman with horrendous body odor. It’s a wild ride, indeed! Despite these outrageous plot elements, Lansdale touches on some serious issues as well, treating them with his magic touch of humor and powerful prose. In the introduction to Waltz of Shadows, Lansdale explains that this novel languished for years in his desk drawer until he dug it out and revised it. Whatever he did, he did it right. Waltz of Shadows is a winner!

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