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New Novel -The Mud Woman continues the story of 2018’s The Mud Man

So my web site still sucks, but I wanted to tell you all about my new novel coming March 1, 2022 called The Mud Woman.

The Mud Woman is a sequel of sorts to The Mud Man, released in 2018. You may remember the statue of Maggie created by her husband George at the close of The Mud Man. She was quiet back then, but she back, and she’s got something to say … something revolutionary …

cover of The Mud Woman a novel by Rob Errera
She’s come to save the world … and kick ass!

While The Mud Man focused on one family’s story of love and creation (and murder!), The Mud Woman has a global scope and  incorporates elements of spiritualism, militarism, feminism, and politics. But don’t worry — it’s not a high-brow snooze fest. The Man of Stone is back, too, and this time he’s facing off against the might of the US military, sea monsters, and space aliens! 

Get your Mud Woman ebook here!

Get your Mud Woman print edition here!

Here’s The Mud Woman‘s back cover copy. (Thanks, Dominic Wilde for another fantastic cover!)

In 2222
We didn’t know what to do
Our leaders lied
People died
We were animals in a zoo
From the forest, the Mud Man came...

Following the deep footsteps of 2017’s The Mud ManThe Mud Woman picks up 200 years in the future, when politics, spiritualism, and fear clash in a way that mirrors modern times.

Compiled as a series of classified military reports, The Mud Woman searches for truth in a world of deception, and explores the motivations that push us to embrace the soft lie. Meanwhile, an indestructible “man of stone” smashes up military tanks,  tears soldiers to pieces, and battles monsters on the ocean floor on his own quest for redemption and change.

Special thanks to Somer Canon for giving The Mud Woman and eagle-eyed proof read as well as this jaw-dropping quote!

“This is a splendid oddity.  The Mud Woman has a wonderfully bonkers premise, but is so well-written and detailed that the experience of reading it is as awe-inspiring as the muddy deities who grace the pages.”  

Somer Canon, author of The Hag Witch Of Tripp Creek and Killer Chronicles


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