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Hey, blogosphere! This is my first post, so be gentle! blogger

The first thing you should know is I’M NOT A BLOGGER. I’m a syndicated newspaper columnist with over twenty years of writing, reporting and editing experience. Ink flows and trees fall so that my work may live! I’m not bragging, but I’d like to think the writing you’ll find here is a cut above standard blogs. I edit my work, and it has to meet the approval of other professional editors. I’ll try my best not to give you a sloppy blog.

I’ve had the privilege of writing for the WAYNE TODAY Newspaper, part of the North Jersey Media Group, for many years. They let me write about almost anything (within PG-13 guidelines) so you’ll find topics on this blog ranging from local Jersey stuff to international affairs to personal reflections. There are lots of re-occurring themes: corruption in big business and government, tech advancements, social trends, and the business of writing. I write about autism often, since my son in on the spectrum.

I’ll kick-off my true WordPress debut with my next post, another anti-blogging rant. It is reprinted courtesy of the WAYNE TODAY as many of my future posts will be. I’ll try and note when the columns were originally published if you want to scroll through microfiche at the Wayne Public Library and check up on me. I’m a real writer. Honest!

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